Welcome to the Ian T. Cleary Author Web page. Thanks for the visit. I write fiction novels, poems, short stories and minor philosophy works. I am a true Old French/ Occitan medievalist and my works often reflect that. Click on my ‘published works’ section to see a list of all my books which are available for purchase on Amazon. If you prefer to have an ebook copy of a book that is not available in ebook format, please email me and I will make the change. My email is cleary.systems@gmail.com


Musicien à l'ours (ou au singe ? ) et cavalier au faucon


“Yet some men say in many parts of England that King Arthur is not dead, but had by the will of our Lord Jesu gone into another place, and men say that he shall come again, and he shall win the holy cross. I will not say it shall be so, but rather I will say: here in this world he changed his life.”

“The ranks are set, the hosts are met, / The morning sunbeams shine / O’er tents with dews of nightfall wet / O’er the long warrior line. / By heaven it is a glorious thing/ Upon the gallant steed to spring, / With white plume dancing o’er the crest, / With spur on heel, and spear in rest, / And sword impatient of its light, / A sun that reddens into night.” 
Vows of the Peacock