Thought for the day

“Where are you making for, you cowards? Where are you running to, you slackers? Turn back! Turn back, I say, and do battle with Corineus! Shame on you! You are so many thousands and yet you run away from me who am one! Take at least this comfort in your flight: that it is I, Corineus, who am after you- I who often drive in confusion before me the giants of Etruria, thirsting them down to hell three or four at a time.” Monmouth, 68

The Background: Corineus fights against the Gaelic people with ferocity, establishing himself as a hero in the histories while he brandishes a sharp battle axe. He kills and slaughters the multitudes single handedly and makes the whole army turn to flight. He shouts this to them and mocks them when they flee. Corineus, later ruler of Cornwall, was a brave Trojan who fully embodied heroism.

The Thought: Bravery, is it an ideal lost in a world inundated by technology and desk jobs? I don’t think you will be brandishing a battle axe to work tomorrow… Yet there is a vividness in this passage that peeks at the inner bravery and the lion within. In what ways can you be brave? Maybe it is in casting out fears or doubts. Maybe it is working on a project that you have had a hard time starting. Maybe it is disregarding and brushing off someone who bullies you or doubts your worth. Anyways, I think the ideal of bravery isn’t lost but is always thriving in the hearts and minds of the brave. In the passage, Corineus is set against impossible odds. Yet, he continues to overcome and thwart his enemies. I think that this is a major image to hold onto and think about because it challenges us to overcome difficulties in our own lives even if the odds seem impossible.

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