Thought for the Day

“Cleary my flame of life is spent, My flesh bruised by grief’s punishment, Love’s the beginning and end of me, Killed by my own hearts loyalty, I feel I suffer, for Love’s sake, Like one who let a poor cold snake take refuge on his breast; and thence was given death in recompense. What paltry chivalry love shows when it attacks a corpse! God knows, In Love’s harsh prison I now lie, Its cruel judgements make me die. Once I was used to venery, Now I’m the quarry. Death hunts me. Death is mirrored in my face. Its last assault is taking place. Death appears like a Dark Doorway, Opened to me by this mortal lay! I gave to Love, and so I am A lion slaughtered by a lamb.”

Background: (My favorite snippets from Tristan’s famous Mortal Lay) Tristan laments his suffering and seeks consolation by creating a lay. The song itself is a emotional conveyance of the sorrows of love when plans fail. The love philter (potion) that binds Tristan and Iseut has most grievously offended their hopes at getting by in the world because their love breaks customs and religious law.

Thought: What better feeling than to love? If we are hurt by it than let it be so, for it is better to be hurt by love than the vices of folly that come with worldly recognition. Pride and wickedness destroy the heart of a good man. The world is no place for true lovers, who are ceaselessly assaulted by innumerable stresses. It is little wonder Tristan and Iseut take refuge in the forest for many months. And what do such stresses from the world amount to? Stress compounds. But we find rest in love. While Tristan seems inconsolable, he later learns that he had little reason to doubt,  and that his lover was still faithful as ever.

Intention: How can I love deeper? How can I bring love to those I encounter in my daily life? Am I doubting Love when I should be trusting it?

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