Thought for the Day

“A knight must have two hearts, one hard and solid as a diamond and the other soft and yielding as hot wax. The one which is hard as a diamond must be set against the disloyal and the ruthless, for, just as the diamond cannot be reshaped by polishing, the knight must remain pitiless and cruel toward the wicked who abuse and trample on justice as much as they can. And just as soft, hot wax can be molded and shaped as one likes, people who are good and compassionate should be able to bring out all the knight’s graciousness and kindness. But let him take care not to show his heart of wax to the wicked and the disloyal.”

Background: Lancelot reaches the stout age of eighteen and is learning from the Lady of the Lake, his guardian, about knighthood and what it means to be a good knight.

Thought: Being a good knight is about doing good to the good and defeating the bad. Wouldn’t it be vain to love and cherish those who are evil to you? While the method of forgiveness is an important element to being a christian, it is equally important to uphold and protect Christians from harm. In the year 613 A.D. the Anglo-Saxon king Aethelfrith of Northumbria defeated the Welsh armies at the Battle of Chester. Following this, he went to the monastery at Bangor-on-Dee and slaughtered 1200 monks who were residing therein. This type of blatant crime requires justice. Who protects the innocent sheep from slaughter by the wolves? Spirituals need an army to protect them, because without it they would likely be destroyed and consumed. A knight is warm hearted to his friends and quick to battle well against his enemies. And, for the true knight, the only enemy is the wicked and unjust. I will repeat an adage: If God is with us, who is against us?

Intention: Am I kind and just while taking precautions to protect against deceivers? Where would all of Western civilization, culture and religious practice be without the military support of Western Europe and the United States? Likely, it would have long been destroyed, much like the monastery at Bangor-on-Dee, and handed over to eastern extremists and dictators. Do I pray for, honor and respect the armed forces and those who defend our culture, civilization and religions?

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