Thought of the Day

“A good chef had seasoned the dish:

There wasn’t too much or too little salt,

Nor did it taste bad to them at all,

For if it had tasted bitter to either of them,

They wouldn’t have stayed at table so long,

Just as the savor of the kiss

That touched their hearts grew sweeter,

Just so their love grew after that.”

“Bon keu ot al mangier saler:

Ni ot ne peu ne trop de sel,

Ne ne savoure point de mel.

Car si l’amer lor savorast,

Ja nus d’as tant ne demorast.

Want com li savors est plus dolce

Del baisier kilor amors plus ades.” (53)

Background: Cador and Eufemie are in the throws of love. nd our Author has taken a moment to craft an analogy that envisions the depths of their love, which has materialized in a long, enduring kiss.

Thought: Love is sweet. It is the food we yearn for. Yet is it a desert or a main course? Love is the very substance we live off. First, we love ourselves. Then, we extend out to other. In our marriage we are one substance, one person in unity. The flaming passions of Cador and Eufemie show the intricate power of love, without which we must starve. This carnal love is equally suitable as an analogy for spiritual love. Everlasting connection with God is the cure for all poisons. He is the foundation for all existence. Without God’s love there would be no food, crops or land to cultivate. So in the midst of love there is an even greater love looming over us that we can recall to memory whenever we have doubts about the future.

Intention: Do you cherish the people you love with your whole heart? Have you recently thanked God for his love, that brought us into existence? Do you savor every moment of love and intimacy and connection in your life? I like to think of each moment of joy and new experience and intimate connection a sort of divine kiss from God. I let him take my hand and lead me to rest in his perfect love. Often times I envision my spirit guide as sitting with me while I work or drive along the road. She comforts me and helps me deal with situations. She is perfect love because she always is with me and provides counsel when I need it most. Slowing down, contemplation and living more simply is the cure for any ailment. The cure is a deep love of self and the divine. The poison is industry, which turns the wheel of fortune and puts good, honest people on their heads. I often reflect on how a good marriage is so difficult in todays world. True love is hardly attainable in a society driven by industry where everything is made in a factory. Love is undefinable, uncontainable and more in accordance with the laws of Nature than the laws of man. Man tries to contain, institutionalize or instruct on Love and will fail until they recognize that love has no constraints…

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” Oscar Wilde


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