Thought for the Day

“Cadwallo was so filled with grief and anger at the loss of his comrades that he refused to take any food, lying ill instead in his bunk. At first light on the fourth day a great yearning seized him for some game to eat. His nephew Brian was summoned and Cadwallo told him what he longed for. Brian took his bow and quiver and started off across the island. If only fate would bring some wild beast in his way, then he would take some of it to the king for food. He wandered all over the island without discovering what he was looking for. He was greatly concerned at not being able to gratify his master’s wishes. He was afraid that Cadwallo’s illness might end in death, if he was not able to satisfy the king’s yearning. He therefore tried a new device. He opened up his own thigh and cut off a slice of the flesh. He made a spit, cooked the meat, and took it to the king, pretending that it was venison. The king accepted that it was game. He ate some of it and was restored to strength, wondering that he had never tasted such sweet flavored meat before.” (271)

Background: The Britons are defeated by Edwin of the Angles, who drove them out of the island. Their leader Cadwallo set sail for America to ask his relative to intercede on his behalf. Only, the ship is belabored by heavy winds and cast ashore a remote island.

Thought: In dire straights, Brian, who is a trusted and loyal member of the king’s household and a nephew by blood, gives up his own flesh to restore the king to health. The king’s health declines for several reasons. His physical health deteriorates without food. His mental condition is one of abundant sorrow since he has been bereft of his kingdom. Also, his spiritual malady is one of pride, since the Angles attacked him only as he refused to recognize Edwin’s sovereignty. Indeed, Brian’s sacrifice is the very meat of life that restores his king, who is healed and nourished by his nephew. His true faith and loyalty is a compliment to his good stock. Such loyalty may only be found in the best of men, who are dedicated enough to give of their own self to such an extent.

Intention: Do the causes I believe in produce effective, positive change? Do I sacrifice my time and effort to materialize good? To what extent am I committed to service of others? Would you “I’d give my thigh for this”? Whether it is work, love or devotion, is it something in your life that you would “give your thigh for”? And I don’t mean that you should cut your thigh out, but consider the symbolic gesture of devotion involved here. Maybe it is a call to work more fervently in your passionate vocation. Maybe it is a call to be a better love or a more active community member. Whatever it is, find what you love and give your thigh for it! Our flesh is just a bunch of members and they will rot eventually….

“I’ve always believed that success for anyone is all about drive, dedication, and desire, but for me, it’s also been about confidence and faith.” -Steph Curry

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