Thought for the Day

“I am very much afraid that I shall find it difficult to describe his (Love’s) robe, for it was made not of silk but rather of tiny flowers, and fashioned by courtly loves. It was decorated all over with diamond and shield shapes, birds, lions, leopards, and other animals, and was made of flowers of various colours. There were flowers of many different kinds, most skillfully arranged. No summer flower was absent, not broom nor violet nor periwinkle, not yellow nor indigo nor white, while intertwined in places were great broad rose leaves. On his head was a chaplet of roses, but the nightingales fluttering around his head knocked down the leaves, for he was entirely covered with birds, with parrots and nightingales, larks and titmice. He seemed to be an angle coming straight from heaven.” (15)

Background: Love introduces himself to our fair dreamer in the Garden of Delights, whom he is sovereign over. This first encounter depicts the pure majesty of the fair fellow.

Thought: First, I compel you: take a deep breath and reread this beautiful passage… It is impossible to imagine something so beautiful. But, this passage will bring me to my climactic argument: A defense of Imagination. Can you visually see this majestic figure? Can you smell the beautiful roses? Take in the colors, sights and sounds of the singing birds surrounding him. That’s it, breathe it all in! Love wear many garments, but all point in the same direction: along the broad path, towards the meadow, through the small wicket gate and into the garden. What we imagine has meaning. It gives meaning to our life and helps us position our own selves in the great ocean of the world, which is filled with strife and turmoil. So how do we deal? By the power of love we are guided on towards the truth. Love, true love, is the most needed substance in the world today. Love, complete in perfection, is the cure for all wounds. It is truly boundless and full of abundant joy. Love is the angel of light, radiant with colors of diversity. Love is the songbird that sings, and the composition is not with one voice, but many. This figure is perfection, and I challenge YOU to invite him into your life, for he is waiting for you and wants to take you on a journey you will never forget!

Intention: Do I love? What do I love? Is what I love good or harmful? How can I love more deeply (that which is good)? How can I use my imagination to reflect upon circumstance and manifest new fruits in my own life?

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” Oscar Wilde

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