Poem at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

I wear garlands in my hair,

And walk about without a care,

I’ll never breathe this new air

Even if the whole world stare.

I won’t ever be a modern man,

The kind you see with a big plan,

I’ll always be the dreamer in shadows,

Even if they put me to the gallows,

It seems you all have given up,

And tell me that you’ve had enough,

So stir your honey mixed with gall,

I keep mine sweet and glowing bright,

Into the tranquil river I will fall,

And the crystal waters will give back sight,

Now that I am whole, rejoice!

Happiness is but a choice!

Nothings more merry than to be forgotten,

From nothing we were all begotten,

Down the rough cobbled streets trodden,

Thousands upon thousands go down,

For all the kingdom they lose the crown.

Rejoice! The clarion is calling.

Rejoice! The whole world is falling.


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