Thought for the day…

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

-Dylan Thomas

There is a topic I would touch upon again, with hopes to give it more attention at a second passing. The blunt truth disorients and makes a man mad and worn out. I worry for you, America. By your wretchedness you ruined me long ago and you were more faithless to your trustful citizen than any other.

You welcomed evil with open arms and scorned the loyal. Let me tell you, by the truth of the light, my story.

America has little liberty. It is more focused on gain and will serve those who pay the highest price. America cares very little for worth or honor. They care more about wealth and disloyalty. The guise of liberty is warm and welcoming but it keeps hidden the lie.

It is easy to find amongst the dinner table a family that will scorn Holy Church. “They are all hypocrites!” they say. Or, “They are full of greed!” And how hard do these faithless people work to make these statements true. Any man who swears by his faith is thrown into the hot irons by his “fellows” in the name of American liberty. Tell me, what kind of fellow is that one which condemns you and flatters you with false promises?

The educators of America are single handedly toppling Western Civilization. Easterners are coming overseas to be educated and, with piles of cash, the educators are turning a blind eye while they shape the curriculum however they want to appease the rich. They teach only what the demographics pay and are so fearful that their scheme will be found out that they hide away the money in great big banks which enjoy the interest off loans from millions of citizens. Meanwhile, Americans are reduced to poverty by an education system that is supposed to empower them. More and more, easterners are coming with piles of money to America and they are paying cold cash to mutilate the curriculum of the west in favor of their own. They are literally invading our land. It isn’t the kind of war you would think. There is no gun or slain. But with great deceit they turn the wheels in their favor with soft culture, numbers and money. They are ruining all things of the west, and look at us as exhibits of exoticism that should be held in a cage at the carnival. The greedy are quick to topple Western Civilization if it is to their gain. Those who have no shame are quick to make a fool out of himself for a dollar.

I know this because that is exactly what I did when I worked for Tesla. I sold exclusively to easterners who made a slave out of me. They hated that I was white and a native American more than the educators did. So my slavery was long and enduring. For twenty two years I spent under the yoke of educators and another two in chains, serving capitalism to my own shame. Their is no honor in condemning your own people with a false curriculum or by validating an invading foreigner to make a fool out of yourself. You can be called a thief when you steal what isn’t yours and give nothing of value in return. Otherwise, it would be called an exchange. But, without honor, one is quick to condemn his own people for the promise of wealth!

Yet, at the dinner table, nobody speaks against the one that has delivered them the greatest blows. They pick on the weak ones, abusing those without power to make themselves feel more valuable and included in the hollow system that has raised them so fowl. They want to defend something that is wrong, and they refuse to open eyes to see how wrong it is. They are a true product of the system: which educates ignorants gleefully. In class, if you ask a critical thinking question that might generate a truthful discussion you are quickly scorned because everyone is there just to get through the system, not to learn anything. Everyone accepts the indoctrination, and if they don’t they are attacked and condemned. America doesn’t produce critical thinkers but hordes of goons and plunderers set on taking as much as they can and shaming themselves. Their is no free thinking anymore and their is no freedom and liberty without free thinking. If we use our critical minds for a second we would realize the Holy Church has less power in America than a deer in a forest has over making the skies rain.

And yet these powerful people point the finger at the white man and Holy Church, swearing by their terrible crimes, and yet they are the ones who are greedily plundering the people who are going on like an ox with a yoke. Yet, no one wants to see the truth because it makes him look like a fool. I spent too long in this prison of education that has mutilated my own personal identity in more ways than you know.

But this is all a part of the American narrative. We balk at established citizens and condemn them in favor of the anti-hero. The founding fathers condemned their themselves and their own people through their philosophy of governance, which will soon be usurped by the east. This new promised land is more like a waste land. They scorned their fathers and were disloyal. And look how they are being shamed and ruined today! Their pride and greed made them, under the guise of philosophy, consider themselves above the precepts that governed the western world, which America was and still is (supposedly) a part of. When American topples the western world, it will be a sad state of affairs. Today we have Trump, who is treated with scorn by many. He is more made out to be the buffoon and a hollowly ghost from the past of the days of the imperial white fleets. It is a faded and over glazed hope that we will ever return to our western rights and values, it is probably too late already.

The people are in trouble. Americans are in debt to an education system that teaches them to ignore the truth. The interest loans enslave them to scrupulous jobs and a mutilation of their true rights and liberties. We have rights, but not the time to use them. I can say I am free, but be anything but. But why condemn Holy Church and the white man? I will tell you. It is a convenient sacrificial lamb to the new regime of America. They point outwards when it is they who are the plunderers and tyrants of today. I was persecuted for my gender and race in the American education system. Only in Vermont was I truly able to seek asylum from this phenomenon. I was still denied the right to learn what I wanted to, which was about my western forefathers who, in their great heroism, founded a nation. Before that, they ruled the entire western world and were strong warriors and stout christians. It is ironic that school is so expensive when their is zero intellectual freedom to learn as you please. It is a harsh indoctrination that includes very little of what you want to know. There is simply no value associated with it but to have the credential to present to your employer down the road!

In most of that twenty two years of education I learned very little about western civilization but that the people that make it up are horrible, cruel and violent. I learned that being a white man means i’m a murderer, a thief and full of avarice. I had to learn the truth on my own after being freed. Much of what I consider my valuable education was bought on Amazon, and it cost much less that the overpriced education I was supposed to get that was to  do so much good. What irony! Educators seem to be using their position as a platform for their own political gains and value little the shaping of the mind: which is the whole point of education! So what is the produce here? Aside from the Jesuits, I fear no good education can come out of an American university today. Moreover, they are appeasing international crowds with money while impoverishing their own people whilst teaching them little about their ancestors!

I worked for Tesla for two years. Technology companies, I tell you, don’t hire Americans. They hire overseas easterners because they work harder and for less. This is for their gain and exploitation, of course. And yet they are dishonoring and shaming the native people. They are also the biggest perpetrators of the genocide of western culture today by validating and overpaying these people. This brain drain and intellectual coveting, a direct result of globalization, has subsumed western civilization in favor of profit. Their is little honor in wealth.

Although, they sure like having a white face at the sales table who will ignorantly turn a blind eye and flatter. These rich engineers from foreign nations are very wealthy and they don’t care who knows it. We have all become monsters, fed by the giant arm of capitalism. Truly, they are more racist than any other people I have met. In Vermont, a place where 95 percent of the population is white, these people were incredibly tolerant. They were the abolitionists who backed freeing the slaves! And yet, everyone is so quick to judge whites as being so racist. The truth is that I’ve never come across more hostility than with those customers at Tesla.  They are the new money Americans. They use the founding father’s creed of liberty to scorn western civilization, painting the American canvas however they desire. This is why I tell you that America left me long before I ever thought of leaving it. They deserted their homeland and condemn ours, while most Americans- instead of defending their honor- quickly approve these defiling! These easterners treated me, a native American, with scorn and more like a slave than a free citizen. Then I learned I was far from free, but chained to greed and wealth. Indeed, I am a native America. My ancestors had been in the land for over two hundred years. But truly, I was never called that by educators. I was called a plunderer, a thief, a murderer and a criminal. But it was they that were doing all this and using my skin color as a scapegoat to keep the masses from gazing at the cave of treasure they have hoarded up. But they were always glad to take my families money!

At Tesla, I learned how to flatter and dishonor myself for wealth and gain. I learned that capitalism scorns all honor and good. It is ironic that in order to support yourself you must dishonor yourself. To live you must die! Yet, that can’t be true, for physics tells us this is a lie. You live and then you die, or are we dying and living at the same time? The clear abasement of my rights and imprisonment in favor of the wealthy brought to the forefront the values of capitalism: Money and dishonor are far more important than honor and heritage. To sell and make my numbers, I had to shame myself openly. What do I mean by this? I had to praise eastern values and thought and abase my own rightful heritage. This flattery was the very trick to becoming the top sales person in the country. Then, something changed. I realized my shame and dishonor. So I stopped feeding the monster and begin to uphold western values. I began to uphold the values and customs of my ancestors. I became a fervent catholic, because that is a big part of my heritage. I no longer scorned myself for being white, but took pride in it. Before long, I was cast out by these easterners who hated me with a furious envy.

And that is how my story ends. If it wasn’t for my father, who is very wealthy, I would have been cast out long ago. Both the system of capitalism and that of education, the most grand institutions of today that are more powerful than any, are both ablaze with injustice. And my journey has now brought me to France. So before the lantern that is my life goes out completely I want to acquit myself of my crimes. My biggest was to tolerate institutions within a governing body that hated me and did wrong for as long as I did. My second biggest was to dishonor myself in favor of these invading easterners who sought my ruin and all that my ancestors stood for, and in doing so I preferred wealth and corruption over my own honor.



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