Thoughts about political action and freedom…

We often associate violence with criminality and the perpetrator as an aggressor. That is a very linear and shallow way of understanding cause and effect. Behind the action, there is far more to comprehend. It is far more discerning and meritable, and the mark of social justice, to see the reason behind the action. For example, those living in poverty are often forced into criminality by circumstances of their environment. Is it true to say that they are lesser people? No, they simply lack the fortune of morality and virtue. People often act out because they are not heard. In a society, when someone is bereaved of rights and social agency, he finds himself oppressed. In the midst of that oppressive tumult, he responds. That is the essence of cause and effect.

The justice system is reactionary. It only responds to infractions and penalizes. This is a one-way system that does not hold anyone accountable. I tell you, the criminal is often a long-term, untreated victim of a social, religious or political oppression. These criminals are the mere result of tension overboiling. True justice does not consign things at face value but rather asks the question why. Why did this person commit this monstrosity? You see, criminals aren’t born that way. They are nurtured towards these behaviors by the society they live in. Children are but products of the society they are raised in, how can they act differently if it is the only language they know?

It is far better to see the 360-degree view of a person, in this way we can better understand their motives and actions. True judgment comes from knowing all the facts. Oppression begins with social isolation. It follows when someone is not politically relevant or becomes a scapegoat. If you find yourself in this kind of gridlock, ask yourself how you may emancipate yourself before you lose your own head. I tell you, seek your own liberty before all else.

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