The New Roundel No.4

The New Roundel No.4

When the sound goes


We all hear it,


To do a dance,

You know the steps,

Messire Curiosity

Don’t kill the cat!

Go along my song,


That’s it!

You starling,

One, two, three,


Then in the air,

Spin around,

On me now,



A little song goes,

A looooong way,

So much for all that,

So and so,

Such and such,

This a one,

That a one,

No no,


Know you’re moving,

One, two, three,

My stars!

Cordially we meet,

Eyes up,

A song!

Land where spirits

Come alive,

The monsta-happy flick,

He’s jumping in his pants

Far too small for a crawler,

The eyes wide are twisting,

Now we’re really moving,

Hand in hand,

Hips lock,

Heads shake,

The sweat and shiver,

Now you’re on the stage!

Fair game, lights on!

Couldn’t you shake?

Oh! the tremulous dance,

One, two, three…




I want to say that you

Have a way to go,

If your heading


Stop a while and rest,

Much better is the road

With a full stomach,

Oh! One, two, three,

Better yet will you meet

The purple hairy monsta

When you can know his beard,

Grab it as it shakes and wags,

No, no, make it a yes!

Take that potion with you,

In the box there,

He’ll do a spin that captivates,

Oh! One, two, three,

There’s the rub,


Could you spare a nickel?

My purse is light,

Maybe a little cash

Could go a long way,

Oh! One, two, three,

I saw you in the corner

Of my eyelid,

You couldn’t have found

Any better marble,

I know he’s a bit dirty,

So…wash him with some wine!


Now I’m real luny loo for it,

The Wolfman’s wool all itchy,

In late evening he comes in

With no coat to stay warm,

Milady, don’t wonder at my

Hairiness, nor at these fangs!


But if you’re in a tussle,

I know a trick,

The Old Master in law says:

Just say Bah!


Bah! Bah!

Now we’re going somewhere…



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