What is a life worth

What is a life worth

What is a life worth?

Sometimes I go to the store,

I buy pears or apples,

Sometimes a bag of chips,

I think to myself,

What is a life worth?

Often you see men of the street,

All hoary headed and in rags,

The stench of piss on the sidewalk,

They shake and tremble,

Maybe it is delirium,

Some mad hatter or other

Points his gaze off far,

Then the military breaks up the fun,

I think to myself this thought:

What is a life worth?

Other times I see men of business,

They are dressed real fine,

True pillars of elegance,

Maybe they come from royal blends,

The type of chivalry of today,

I think to myself:

What is a life worth?

I see men in orange shirts,

One has a great pot belly,

The other is all lanky and thin from wear,

A thin lipped man lost his hair and is flush,

He offers a smile while looking off,

Then he’s wiping the sweat from his brow,

Must be some big construction project,

Or maybe just some maintenance,

I think to myself this thought:

What is a life worth?

Then I go out in the lazy afternoon,

When the sun hangs around like a kid

After school, just looking for trouble,

Or maybe somebody to bum a cig from;

I see musicians from some distant town

Where they never saw a tourist,

Nor had they seen the fireworks of light,

But now they are the spectacle,

Delighting so much in the attention,

They share all their foreign tricks,

Getting a few euros here and there

From the onlookers who pass him by,

They gobble his act with ear to ear smiles,

For they enjoy his acrobats, being from

China or what have you.

Then comes the local wave,

Just off work,

So casual and glowing,

The women speak like graceful birds,

And they look like Angel Fairies,

Everyone is very kind:

They don’t ask too many questions,

Nor do they mind the small spaces,

I think this a real attribute,

For all good lover’s know the best

Of them are very discrete.

So when I see all the waves of Life,

I ask myself this question:

What is a life worth?

Translation of Chatelain De Coucy’s Declaration of Love

Translation of Chatelain De Coucy’s Declaration of Love

“In the wood one finds the voice of the nightingale, so sweet that wild one does croon. I hear it ringing in the night and day, an inestimable joy it gives me to hear it. My heart is well pleased, as if it had all the feasting it could want, and, overworked by toil, it drifts off to the melodies of the forest. Sing, I must! For to cease to sing is to die. Alas, I will sing to save my heart from bursting. I have paid homage to my lady. My heart is given to her, my liege lord. All I want is for her not to shirk at my name, and to hear my pleas with pity. Do not despise my services, for I will always be your knight!”

“My heart is not false, nor does it play the games of deceit. Happiness drapes me as a sparkling mantle does a royal noble. Love is my master, and I am his slave. Oh! I wouldn’t dare show my true thoughts to the world. Her beauty is so stunning, I lay wasted at her side, stuck in the throes of oblivion, unless she release me. Her sweet face is more shiny than precious pearls and odd gems. I cannot look into her face, for it is much too bright. My eyes are prisoner to her, and her sight oppresses me with desire.”

“She is my everything, and always will be. My thoughts have no time for hunting, hawking, playing chess or other games; every waking moment I ponder her white apple breasts and face that shines like the sun! I heard tell of Tristan, who drank the cup of Love, and was assailed so hotly that he was exiled for loves sake. He abandoned himself completely to Her commands! Yet, even he does not compare with the fires of passion blazing in my heart. Love has me in Her snare! My body, will, strength and power are not my own anymore. I am worn and burdened by divers fears: will she love me truly? Can I serve her completely as she deserves?”

“Constant and true will be the aim of my spear thrust, so that her heart must melt with mine; this is as it shall be or I will perish! Her image is emblazoned in my mind, so that I cannot shake it. Satisfaction in other things is no consolation, nor does it appease the want in my breast. In prison I am, though I ride the hills and roads quite freely. In this world there are many things one can find, but none compare to her sweet visage. She has more wisdom and beauty than all the royal courts can muster. As a surety, I did leave my heart hostage. My heart is so entangled in the thorny rosebush, that it cannot be succored unless by her sweet balm that soothes my burning passion! By God, the glorious King of Heaven, may our two hearts become one in unity.”

“Songbirds, fly! Carry my message to my lady love so sweet. My face, riddled by shame and affliction, cannot meet her gaze. I am unable to set my eyes upon her, for fear of certain death at the rejection that may follow. Songbirds, fly! Carry in your plumed pinions my message of love, and take care to practice discretion so that no gossip my find you out. Oh! Jealousy, you cruel beast, how you seek to destroy the fortress of Love and harangue it’s ramparts daily with fresh assaults. Battle weary is the name of Love, so oppressed by gossips that serve you! God will punish you for this transgression, for nature has suited each to feel love’s pang. Jealousy! How you ruin love that is true, precious and pure. It flows like a gold river, and you blacken the waters with your vile poison. If misfortune befalls me by your treason, I will have no choice but to perish. In my wake, true lovers be warned!”

The Partridge in a Trap

The Partridge in a Trap

Met an orphan girl

On the other side of town

Her father dead

Her mother in hospice

Somewhere in Italy,

I think…

Her mom’s got cancer real bad,

Somewhere near the heart,

So she lives with her Aunt

On Corsa,

Between Rome and Toulouse,

Those two towers of God.

No everyday thing (an island girl),

Now I’ve gotta make a move

Before my eyelids crawl,

If I shut the door on change

The Dame will have my head.

I’m the Partridge in a trap,

You see,

There isn’t much else to do.

It is a terrible condition,

So I am afflicted.

If you spare me than I’ll fly,

I’ve got nowhere to go to,

Dame, take pity on me,

Let not the past escapes

Be a mirror to the now,

I’m draped in sack cloth,

Long nights I am awake

Beating my chest,

Weeping tears,

I couldn’t cry anymore,

I had a girl, a blonde American,

The kind you see in magazines,

We were Dick and Jane,

Swift movers; combat power rangers,

My heart was hers,

My bonnie may,

So what? She slept with my best friend.

Such is the heartache I endured,

I lost two of the best,

Maybe it was my fault after all.

I thought I’d take up the habit,

End my life for good,

God had different plans, I guess.

Helen, you know, started a big war,

When Paris swept her off her feet,

This kind of love does a lot of ill.

We all just slaves to money

We all just slaves to money

She’s a slave to the money,

Just anotha jungle monkey,

The man pays you, who do you pay?

You wipe the sweat from your brow,

When you tryna get a good feeling,

You lookin for a fix in the night,

I’m out on the street, hello rainbow!

The lights brighter at the dark hour

You searchin for a fix out there,

Somewhere at the earth’s edge

She’s waitin for yah call,

But she just a slave to money,

Just anotha jungle monkey,

The world is so circular,

Old Colombo had it right,

What comes out the mouth

Comes right back to yah!

I did a bad thing, out on tha street!

Now I’m off searchin for nothin,

Not I, Not I, I’m just a slave to the money,

Just anotha jungle monkey,

Halloooooo sunshine,

She’s my rainbow ice cream,

It’s too hot out here,

So I’m crawling out at dark time,

I’m out on tha street, hello rainbow!

Oh, but she’s a slave to tha money,

Just anotha jungle monkey,

We fixin to get free,

But the fix turns to a spree

We fixin to be free,

Than why we all catchin misery?

Oh! We jus some slaves to tha money,

Just a bunch of jungle monkeys,

At night when its real cold

She turns all the lights off,

She won’t look at yah,

Cause you jus anotha slave,

You do her real fast yah beast

Buncha ox gettin behind carts,

Jus a bunch of slaves to the money,

Jus a bunch of jungle monkeys.

But you gotta wake up soon,

Get yourself back to the pin,

You gotta show at noontime,

You fear that big JUMP.

The show must go on

Afterall, we don’t do pause,

Tha machines gotta feed,

All those buttons made of souls,

I catch the damn fever all ova again!

Not I, Not I, I’m jus a slave to the money

Jus anotha jungle monkey.







Fortune is like the wind

Fortune is like the wind

God gives much,

He can take it all too,

He knows how to raise you,

He also can knock you off

The buck; that horse you 

Thought was a winner

Isn’t always a sure bet,

Remember Seabiscuit,

And all that hustle

Wears a man down.

The Dame Fortuna

Will raise one high,

Like Alexander or Ceasar.

In a moment, he will fall

Into the black mire.

Alexander was poisoned;

Caesar was murdered,

Both were killed by their

Own men.


Love in the eyes

Is a dream,

Not in this land,

But maybe further on,

Somewhere along the river,

So I get started paddling. 

Soon I find the place

All those carbuncle lamps

Brighter than fire,

My love has fruit to eat,

The breeze is light,

It carries her thoughts

As the butterflies,

That loving lily who drinks

The sweet water

Will find succor;

So too will the bird breathe

New air, for aren’t they free

To sing as they please?


Take a chance on me,

Take a shot,

Nothing is gained if not 


The bold win great prizes

While the frightened rabbits

Burrow in holes somewhere.

Love me like the Father does

His little children,

Or how the Mother comes to

Allay dark thoughts at night.


I am led like the ship

In high winds over

The big ocean;

We can go to the safe port

Where the world will fade.

The New Roundel No.4

The New Roundel No.4

When the sound goes


We all hear it,


To do a dance,

You know the steps,

Messire Curiosity

Don’t kill the cat!

Go along my song,


That’s it!

You starling,

One, two, three,


Then in the air,

Spin around,

On me now,



A little song goes,

A looooong way,

So much for all that,

So and so,

Such and such,

This a one,

That a one,

No no,


Know you’re moving,

One, two, three,

My stars!

Cordially we meet,

Eyes up,

A song!

Land where spirits

Come alive,

The monsta-happy flick,

He’s jumping in his pants

Far too small for a crawler,

The eyes wide are twisting,

Now we’re really moving,

Hand in hand,

Hips lock,

Heads shake,

The sweat and shiver,

Now you’re on the stage!

Fair game, lights on!

Couldn’t you shake?

Oh! the tremulous dance,

One, two, three…




I want to say that you

Have a way to go,

If your heading


Stop a while and rest,

Much better is the road

With a full stomach,

Oh! One, two, three,

Better yet will you meet

The purple hairy monsta

When you can know his beard,

Grab it as it shakes and wags,

No, no, make it a yes!

Take that potion with you,

In the box there,

He’ll do a spin that captivates,

Oh! One, two, three,

There’s the rub,


Could you spare a nickel?

My purse is light,

Maybe a little cash

Could go a long way,

Oh! One, two, three,

I saw you in the corner

Of my eyelid,

You couldn’t have found

Any better marble,

I know he’s a bit dirty,

So…wash him with some wine!


Now I’m real luny loo for it,

The Wolfman’s wool all itchy,

In late evening he comes in

With no coat to stay warm,

Milady, don’t wonder at my

Hairiness, nor at these fangs!


But if you’re in a tussle,

I know a trick,

The Old Master in law says:

Just say Bah!


Bah! Bah!

Now we’re going somewhere…



Simon De Montfort

Simon De Montfort

At the battle of Muret

He slew the traitor flock,

Then again at Toulouse

He did well to take the cross,

At divers places throughout,

He used what tools he had,

Hacking down those lazy louts,

His sword was for Maria,

All good works do come from Her,

He sang the Culpa Mea

Before the battle ramparts,

By fighting he did save us

From pain in many ways,

The sword of justice stung,

Now others live their days,

Before the battle walls,

The men did shout and cheer,

‘Come, Holy Spirit,’ rang in thieving ears,

Many were there who did take up the task,

Battling daily to slay the basilisk!