Thought for the day…

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

-Dylan Thomas

There is a topic I would touch upon again, with hopes to give it more attention at a second passing. The blunt truth disorients and makes a man mad and worn out. I worry for you, America. By your wretchedness you ruined me long ago and you were more faithless to your trustful citizen than any other.

You welcomed evil with open arms and scorned the loyal. Let me tell you, by the truth of the light, my story.

America has little liberty. It is more focused on gain and will serve those who pay the highest price. America cares very little for worth or honor. They care more about wealth and disloyalty. The guise of liberty is warm and welcoming but it keeps hidden the lie.

It is easy to find amongst the dinner table a family that will scorn Holy Church. “They are all hypocrites!” they say. Or, “They are full of greed!” And how hard do these faithless people work to make these statements true. Any man who swears by his faith is thrown into the hot irons by his “fellows” in the name of American liberty. Tell me, what kind of fellow is that one which condemns you and flatters you with false promises?

The educators of America are single handedly toppling Western Civilization. Easterners are coming overseas to be educated and, with piles of cash, the educators are turning a blind eye while they shape the curriculum however they want to appease the rich. They teach only what the demographics pay and are so fearful that their scheme will be found out that they hide away the money in great big banks which enjoy the interest off loans from millions of citizens. Meanwhile, Americans are reduced to poverty by an education system that is supposed to empower them. More and more, easterners are coming with piles of money to America and they are paying cold cash to mutilate the curriculum of the west in favor of their own. They are literally invading our land. It isn’t the kind of war you would think. There is no gun or slain. But with great deceit they turn the wheels in their favor with soft culture, numbers and money. They are ruining all things of the west, and look at us as exhibits of exoticism that should be held in a cage at the carnival. The greedy are quick to topple Western Civilization if it is to their gain. Those who have no shame are quick to make a fool out of himself for a dollar.

I know this because that is exactly what I did when I worked for Tesla. I sold exclusively to easterners who made a slave out of me. They hated that I was white and a native American more than the educators did. So my slavery was long and enduring. For twenty two years I spent under the yoke of educators and another two in chains, serving capitalism to my own shame. Their is no honor in condemning your own people with a false curriculum or by validating an invading foreigner to make a fool out of yourself. You can be called a thief when you steal what isn’t yours and give nothing of value in return. Otherwise, it would be called an exchange. But, without honor, one is quick to condemn his own people for the promise of wealth!

Yet, at the dinner table, nobody speaks against the one that has delivered them the greatest blows. They pick on the weak ones, abusing those without power to make themselves feel more valuable and included in the hollow system that has raised them so fowl. They want to defend something that is wrong, and they refuse to open eyes to see how wrong it is. They are a true product of the system: which educates ignorants gleefully. In class, if you ask a critical thinking question that might generate a truthful discussion you are quickly scorned because everyone is there just to get through the system, not to learn anything. Everyone accepts the indoctrination, and if they don’t they are attacked and condemned. America doesn’t produce critical thinkers but hordes of goons and plunderers set on taking as much as they can and shaming themselves. Their is no free thinking anymore and their is no freedom and liberty without free thinking. If we use our critical minds for a second we would realize the Holy Church has less power in America than a deer in a forest has over making the skies rain.

And yet these powerful people point the finger at the white man and Holy Church, swearing by their terrible crimes, and yet they are the ones who are greedily plundering the people who are going on like an ox with a yoke. Yet, no one wants to see the truth because it makes him look like a fool. I spent too long in this prison of education that has mutilated my own personal identity in more ways than you know.

But this is all a part of the American narrative. We balk at established citizens and condemn them in favor of the anti-hero. The founding fathers condemned their themselves and their own people through their philosophy of governance, which will soon be usurped by the east. This new promised land is more like a waste land. They scorned their fathers and were disloyal. And look how they are being shamed and ruined today! Their pride and greed made them, under the guise of philosophy, consider themselves above the precepts that governed the western world, which America was and still is (supposedly) a part of. When American topples the western world, it will be a sad state of affairs. Today we have Trump, who is treated with scorn by many. He is more made out to be the buffoon and a hollowly ghost from the past of the days of the imperial white fleets. It is a faded and over glazed hope that we will ever return to our western rights and values, it is probably too late already.

The people are in trouble. Americans are in debt to an education system that teaches them to ignore the truth. The interest loans enslave them to scrupulous jobs and a mutilation of their true rights and liberties. We have rights, but not the time to use them. I can say I am free, but be anything but. But why condemn Holy Church and the white man? I will tell you. It is a convenient sacrificial lamb to the new regime of America. They point outwards when it is they who are the plunderers and tyrants of today. I was persecuted for my gender and race in the American education system. Only in Vermont was I truly able to seek asylum from this phenomenon. I was still denied the right to learn what I wanted to, which was about my western forefathers who, in their great heroism, founded a nation. Before that, they ruled the entire western world and were strong warriors and stout christians. It is ironic that school is so expensive when their is zero intellectual freedom to learn as you please. It is a harsh indoctrination that includes very little of what you want to know. There is simply no value associated with it but to have the credential to present to your employer down the road!

In most of that twenty two years of education I learned very little about western civilization but that the people that make it up are horrible, cruel and violent. I learned that being a white man means i’m a murderer, a thief and full of avarice. I had to learn the truth on my own after being freed. Much of what I consider my valuable education was bought on Amazon, and it cost much less that the overpriced education I was supposed to get that was to  do so much good. What irony! Educators seem to be using their position as a platform for their own political gains and value little the shaping of the mind: which is the whole point of education! So what is the produce here? Aside from the Jesuits, I fear no good education can come out of an American university today. Moreover, they are appeasing international crowds with money while impoverishing their own people whilst teaching them little about their ancestors!

I worked for Tesla for two years. Technology companies, I tell you, don’t hire Americans. They hire overseas easterners because they work harder and for less. This is for their gain and exploitation, of course. And yet they are dishonoring and shaming the native people. They are also the biggest perpetrators of the genocide of western culture today by validating and overpaying these people. This brain drain and intellectual coveting, a direct result of globalization, has subsumed western civilization in favor of profit. Their is little honor in wealth.

Although, they sure like having a white face at the sales table who will ignorantly turn a blind eye and flatter. These rich engineers from foreign nations are very wealthy and they don’t care who knows it. We have all become monsters, fed by the giant arm of capitalism. Truly, they are more racist than any other people I have met. In Vermont, a place where 95 percent of the population is white, these people were incredibly tolerant. They were the abolitionists who backed freeing the slaves! And yet, everyone is so quick to judge whites as being so racist. The truth is that I’ve never come across more hostility than with those customers at Tesla.  They are the new money Americans. They use the founding father’s creed of liberty to scorn western civilization, painting the American canvas however they desire. This is why I tell you that America left me long before I ever thought of leaving it. They deserted their homeland and condemn ours, while most Americans- instead of defending their honor- quickly approve these defiling! These easterners treated me, a native American, with scorn and more like a slave than a free citizen. Then I learned I was far from free, but chained to greed and wealth. Indeed, I am a native America. My ancestors had been in the land for over two hundred years. But truly, I was never called that by educators. I was called a plunderer, a thief, a murderer and a criminal. But it was they that were doing all this and using my skin color as a scapegoat to keep the masses from gazing at the cave of treasure they have hoarded up. But they were always glad to take my families money!

At Tesla, I learned how to flatter and dishonor myself for wealth and gain. I learned that capitalism scorns all honor and good. It is ironic that in order to support yourself you must dishonor yourself. To live you must die! Yet, that can’t be true, for physics tells us this is a lie. You live and then you die, or are we dying and living at the same time? The clear abasement of my rights and imprisonment in favor of the wealthy brought to the forefront the values of capitalism: Money and dishonor are far more important than honor and heritage. To sell and make my numbers, I had to shame myself openly. What do I mean by this? I had to praise eastern values and thought and abase my own rightful heritage. This flattery was the very trick to becoming the top sales person in the country. Then, something changed. I realized my shame and dishonor. So I stopped feeding the monster and begin to uphold western values. I began to uphold the values and customs of my ancestors. I became a fervent catholic, because that is a big part of my heritage. I no longer scorned myself for being white, but took pride in it. Before long, I was cast out by these easterners who hated me with a furious envy.

And that is how my story ends. If it wasn’t for my father, who is very wealthy, I would have been cast out long ago. Both the system of capitalism and that of education, the most grand institutions of today that are more powerful than any, are both ablaze with injustice. And my journey has now brought me to France. So before the lantern that is my life goes out completely I want to acquit myself of my crimes. My biggest was to tolerate institutions within a governing body that hated me and did wrong for as long as I did. My second biggest was to dishonor myself in favor of these invading easterners who sought my ruin and all that my ancestors stood for, and in doing so I preferred wealth and corruption over my own honor.



Thought for the Day…

“He will not be loved by his wife if he wants to be called ‘lord’, for love must die when lovers want lordship. Love cannot endure or live if it is not free and active in the heart.”

Does a flower thrive without water or sunlight? The seeds of love may be thrown about carelessly so that they fail to grow in the proper place. One needs good soil, sunlight and water to make a flower grow. It is just that way with love, that requires the proper ingredients of nature to flourish.

Have you ever had a thought but it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to? Or maybe something happened to you and when you told people about it the meaning changed and was different? The thought, untouched by the attacks of the outside world, has a peculiar pureness to it. Within the mind it is safe and completely liberated by way of expression. It is in delivering that thought to the outside world that it becomes distorted, flawed and ambiguous. The reason that is it has to fight and contend with many oppositional forces that are opposed to it. The world is far from a blank canvas. If I was Adam and you were Eve, it would be easy to make our thoughts whistle in the wind with the pureness of love, for who would stop us other than God? A thought, pure and free, is disclosed and made apparent to the outside world. It is then met with forceful opposition from a billion other thoughts in the deep sea that is the world.

People who are free thinking have a pure love contained within them, and this freedom is defended by the man or woman of noble heart. When we try to institute or govern pure love, it becomes bound in servitude and no longer pure or love. Any time it is constrained and subjected by others it becomes a prisoner. The pure thought lost all freedom by becoming brutalized and assailed by the opposition of the outside world.

Imagine your a kid, and you really want a red bicycle. It is good that you get one too, because you have to walk four miles to school everyday. Your parents can afford the bike and it isn’t unreasonable to ask. Yet, when you ask for the red bicycle and list the reasons why it makes sense, you are given a resounding no. What happened? Wasn’t this a perfectly reasonable request?

What has been drawn up in the world is the aggregation of these failed attempts to materialize the love in our hearts, which is the dispensation of thoughts that are pure and free. To not get what the heart wants is far from desirous, and often when we fail it is a hard thing to take in. We then try to neglect our inner thoughts because of fear, doubt or resistance. We become prisoners first by way of our own neglect and then through being subjected and oppressed by others. Yet, didn’t we have a choice to be free? If we lose the pureness of our hearts to the outside world, we become slaves to others. The loss of personal sovereignty is a death that precedes the physical death. To endure servitude by imprisonment to a master other than your own self makes life not worth living. So, when the kid doesn’t get the red bike, what does he do? This is a really important question and I cannot answer it. Only the boy can answer that question in his own heart, and I won’t try to tell him what to do because it is right that he come to that conclusion on his own, by way of the heart.

The call of the heart must be followed if one is to find his true purpose and meaning. Ok, I get it: do what your heart tells you. But what does this really mean? There are two types of will. The first type of will is completely natural. For example, it is natural to want to play or have rest after working, to want to have children, to eat, to sleep, to drink water, to breathe, to want exercise or rest. Suffice it to say that all the things animals do are natural and good. The list goes on but I will stop here so as not to fatigue myself with discovering new examples of the natural will; suffice it to say that these things are natural and good. The second kind of will is unnatural and is in response to fear and the opposition of the world. When a person, place or thing tries to stop you from attaining what the heart needs by way of natural desire there is an unnatural response. Sometimes, it is my very own self that is my biggest enemy. My response, by way of fear, includes doing things to excess or depriving myself or acting against custom. For example, it is natural to eat but not too much. It is natural to make love, but not out of place. It is natural to sleep but not too much. And the list goes on and on. This unnatural will propels me from my on liberated heart and seeks to imprison me to the will of others and drive me further from my own heart. When my natural needs are denied, I begin to go to extremes to reassert myself and often become my own worst enemy. Like a dog chasing after his own tail, I attempt to get back what has been lost, because I failed to get what my heart needed. Yet, through my insanity, I respond to not getting what I need by acting against my needs! I somehow think that doing what is against my cause will give me relief and liberation. Yet, I’m repeatedly frustrated when I do not get the desired result. Driven, as if by a tempest, further from home I begin to grieve and become bitter. Isn’t it completely insane to act against the heart and expect emancipation? Was I not myself the captain that steered the ship astray, or was it that stormy sea, the enemy of the wanderer, that gave me this death blow?

Furthermore, when I try to control and demand lordship I am put further and further from what I desire. When I surrender and give up my need to control and be lord over the universe- which wasn’t working too well- I suddenly get exactly what I want. Except now I don’t care a fig if I have the whole world or not, because I am happy and content with enough. It is when I demand lordship that I give up my claim. By asking for only what I need I gain far more than that but when I ask for more than I need I receive far less than what is necessary. The reason? The heart asks for very little, and yet it receives abundantly more than what it needs when it is well heard.

Consider a good father who gives a gift to his son. The son goes out to work on the father’s farm. He has performed all the tasks splendidly and with so much vigor that he still has half the day to relax. When he returns he asks for nothing in return because he considers it his duty to have done what he did. Wouldn’t it by right for the father, who has seen his son act so nobly, to reward him better than the son who did less than what was asked of him or did not do anything at all? Yet often, by way of flattery and baseness, the good doers of deeds are given less than their lot because they are too noble to ask for anything in return. They suffer their enemies too willingly and do not speak out.

It is truly the death of chivalry and courtesy on earth when accountants and merchants, who count their gains by the piles of gold in their caves, govern in place of people of noble heart, good deeds and virtue. And what has become of charity? Little is it found when the rich seek only their own gain. Those who seek only their own gain, without a care for honor, should expect loss and shame while those who seek the gain of their companions often find themselves heavily supplied with both wealth and honor. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to give the man money who puts it to good use? And if those who covet are content with great wealth than they must also be content without companionship and bear this heavy yoke unless they call upon lady generosity to liberate them, for the man with great wealth is truly a slave bound in servitude to Mammon.

Thought for the Day from St. Malo

“Back in the castle of Biaurepaire there was great rejoicing upon the return of those who had spent years in cruel confinement. The great hall and the knights’ quarters were frenzied with excitement; the bells of all the chapels and churches pealed joyfully, and every monk and nun gave prayerful thanks to God. Men and women danced rounds through every street and square. Throughout the whole town people rejoiced that they were no longer under siege and attack.”

Ah, as I take in the sea air I snuggle up, watching the rain through the window and take up my favorite book by Chretien De Troyes. A french writer of the 13th century, Chretien was appointed the task of composing the Arthurian romances for the court of French speaking Flanders; he composed a series of tales that would stir the worlds’ imagination for centuries. It seems funny to me that the greatest Welsh story, aside from the other great welsh stories I will not name, was ear marked by a french speaking writer. The solidified cultural ties between France and England are rooted in the Norman Conquest. The Normans dominated the scene of the British Isle’s, superseding the Saxon domination of previous centuries. All good books were written in latin, and then in french, for French was the language of the courts.

But back to that sea air that has re awakened my senses. St. Malo is a town that is distinctly not French, Breton or British (whatever you call it). Situated on the coast as a seaport castle, it has been around a long time, as early as the 2nd century by way of Gaelic settlers. St. Malo, a welsh immigrant and monk, came to the shores of Brittany, just as many British have over the centuries. It is no small wonder, due to proximity, that Brittany is one of the seven Celtic Nations by heritage and genetic make-up. These people are truly Celtic, and St. Malo almost has a taste of Ireland to it. Coincidentally, Malo came over about the 6th century with the famous St. Brenden of the Brenden voyage, who was an Irish monk and is legendary in the literature of the hearts’ o’ the Irish. The monastery at St. Malo flourished, and they had rough goings converting the pagan Gauls. Malo was famed for converting King Hoel of Brittany.

Today, this medieval town is very medieval and the cobbled streets are a place of wonder and majesty. It is a place of romance, joy and sorrow from many past histories and fairy tales. The famed Marie de France made this the setting for her story of the Nightingale. You should read this story, it is wonderful and beautiful. The coves and rocky cliffs all bend down towards the ocean and the high walls and battlements stand steadfast as the waves crash against them. The high tides come up to the wall while the low tide allows for exploration to two islands by a cobbled path. Each island is completely surrounded by the sea in the high tide and are the place of two 17th century forts.

St. Malo really has a distinct flavor, aside from the varieties of seafood which are unparalleled. In later history, St. Malo declared itself an independent nation when the King of France refused to convert from the protestant faith. The catholic residents went as far as to lock up the castle gates when he arrived for a royal visit. He later repented and quickly converted so that he could enjoy the fruits of St. Malo and the town duly let up their claim to sovereignty, or did they? Their flag is called the Gwenn-Ha-Du which in Celtic-gaelic means white and black, signifying the flag colors but also positioning their claim to neither side. Poised between the two great lions that are Britain and France, they are distinctly independent and their own. It would be a great place to be under siege, for the high battlements keep out all bad things and the comforts within are abundant. They affirm nor deny allegiance, and their motto is: Neither French nor Breton, I am from St. Malo. In a world of globalization and the holocaust of culture (or as the modern theorists call it: the flattening of the earth) St. Malo is a wonderful place to take in with deep breathes and enjoy the sea air and food. It is distinct and yet submerged in a flourishing vibration of eloquence that sets it apart from the world. You are not able to find Starbucks here, yet the coffee is abundant and you wouldn’t believe the seafood.

One can find both pirates and nuns here. And, at mid afternoon, the birds sing sweeter than T-Pain.  The seagulls swoop and dive on the battlements with a peculiar rapture. I am in the fairytale. I am sure that, just off the shore, treasure is buried beneath the coral reef and mermaids dance by the moonlight. Also, it is just nearby that the long time prison of the count Montecristo can be found (not really, but it feels that way). The British Isles or the place of the Island Kings feel closer than before. I hope they aren’t lonely up there. They say idleness breeds a certain sickness. They have no Lombard, Spaniard, or German to keep their swords sharp with, do they? They must fight amongst themselves, a horrible fate.

So it is a gateway between two worlds: the place of Britain and the Celts and that of France and mainland Europe. There is a clash of culture here. Brittany as a whole, also called Little Britain or Amorica, was the place of refuge for the British people at the time of the Saxon invasions where the country was plagued by the three famines: famine, pestilence (plague) and foreign invasion. The cure was a good magician. The people of Brittany are very much Celtic in origin. A seaport town such as St. Malo would have been the place to amass a force and launch an attack along the mainland. Other places in Brittany were the target of Viking attacks in later centuries too. The interplay between France in Britain is much like what one see’s between the North and South of America. Yet, St. Malo is distinctly its own. They raise their flag on the castle keep just a smidgen higher than the flag of France, just to jest about their famed, one-time legal sovereignty.

So what did we learn? There are many people of Celtic origin in the province of Brittany (which is in France and only about 2 hours by train from Paris).  Globalization and corporate box stores are hacking away at distinct places of beauty and cultural phenomenons like St. Malo. Hopefully, you learned of a cool place you might want to travel to and will look up St. Malo on google hereafter. Another point: St. Malo is a place of distinct culture relevance and is positioned between two great powers. They are a genetic, cultural phenomenon (much like the Japanese macaw or snow monkey). More than anything, it is a place of fairytale surpassing all other places of beauty, you should definitely visit! Oh, and please read Marie De France’s story of the Nightingale before you go to bed. It is about five pages long. As they say in France (and even in St. Malo too): Voilá!

Poem at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

I wear garlands in my hair,

And walk about without a care,

I’ll never breathe this new air

Even if the whole world stare.

I won’t ever be a modern man,

The kind you see with a big plan,

I’ll always be the dreamer in shadows,

Even if they put me to the gallows,

It seems you all have given up,

And tell me that you’ve had enough,

So stir your honey mixed with gall,

I keep mine sweet and glowing bright,

Into the tranquil river I will fall,

And the crystal waters will give back sight,

Now that I am whole, rejoice!

Happiness is but a choice!

Nothings more merry than to be forgotten,

From nothing we were all begotten,

Down the rough cobbled streets trodden,

Thousands upon thousands go down,

For all the kingdom they lose the crown.

Rejoice! The clarion is calling.

Rejoice! The whole world is falling.


Thought for the Day…

Struck by the sun I beat along the path,

Love of the heart is my light backpack,

The song of the girl with the white hands

Is on my lips and makes a sweet fragrance.

She with the face of white flowers,

I could stare at you for days on end,

To say I miss you is a lie,

The rose in my hand is worth one hundred,

This love of mine is far too powerful,

The love in my heart regards only the truth,

So I go as I do: li li plairot

For my love of Romance: quil qua par amor,

And for my love of craft: moult lama de grant amor,

Such is the totality of all musings,

Dare I scour the thousand indecisions,

Or be fixed in a law of corruption?

Dare I place myself among men, churls of earth?

As an ape I hold to right like it is my tree branch,

And with this branch I beat the No into a Yes.

I’ll go for bride like a terror filled beast,

I smell a new day dawning.

My love, the white rose: She is at the gates of the Palace,

Beaneath the multicolored glass I rest my head,

The great Oriflamme still blows in the cold night,

High is the regard for whom who took on oppression,

Swift and easy will be his death,

Light his burden,

Not long must he await the red skies,

Dreamless will be the forgotten, who toil in chains,

They sleep the long sleep and live not,

Birds will sing his name for all time,

The man who buries his fists in discovery,

She is my white flower! I dream of her face always,

Her breath smells as garlands of roses,

I hide in her breasts and wake to self,

Back when I was a kid: Now I know who I am.

Raging outside are the devils amid tempests,

Her embrace is a might fortress.

She is the night and quite of the mind,

Amid the bustle lovers refute quarreling,

We hid from the trembling fools,

My white flower, come to me!




Thought for the Day (from Paris)…

“Those opposed to the humanity of a commander towards his corps are the real enemy.”

Getting through middle school without hearing the old adage ‘I lead by example’ or even ‘be the change you seek’ would have been hard at best. And to those who made it through high school, congratulations, without getting trapped in the brick snares: I commend you. Truly, it is what is in your heart, and the quality of one’s deeds that make one a good leader. Born into wealth, I gladly fall on my own sword in the defense of the truth.

The first thing a good leader needs is to win the hearts of his people. He won’t win men of virtue with gifts of gold because they do not seek such things. To win the heart over is far more worthy than bestowing material gifts. It is for a cause that hearts are won. And it is by deeds that good men are appointed.

Now for my rant about why I love Paris. I’m unalterably surprised by the free thinking of the people of France. Even in the busiest parts of the city there is a serenity and peace, a peculiar quietness, that one cannot find in the quietest parts of California. I wonder at this because of the values that they hold and the way they conduct themselves; it is a significant transformation embedded in their cultural DNA: Equity, liberty and fraternity are the cornerstones of this society. People are treated very well here regardless of race, sect, creed, religion or income level.

Have you ever been to starbucks? The workers are akin to slaves. They open at 5am and close at 9pm. This is ridiculous and circumvents basic rights. Lower and middle class Americans are uneasy and I understand why. The unrest is due to the cultural DNA of our nation: a cultural narrative of defiance, disrespect, slavery and injustice. The constant cultural wars may have more to do with the way we treat our workers, more than anything.

Economy and riches are really all people in America seem to care about. Personal success is the one and only that defines who you are in this country. Yet the people are NOT HAPPY, so they invent these pointless cultural wars to battle with one another. I wonder why this is. I think it is because our American culture prioritizes the wrong values. Hardwork is important, but it is not to be worth a penny at the cost of freedom. A person of moderate income, if free and with his dignity, is more wealthy than the richest who is enslaved to commodity.  So I say, treat people well, for in a community one’s happiness depends on the happiness of the whole. The community, if it is charged with iniquities, will bite those who live presumptuously. Cultural rivets such as racism, classism change the fundamental framework of the whole society, unshackling not one of us. To be truly free we must build to it TOGETHER.

So why does the common wheel in France seem to reinforce one another? Walking on the streets for endless hours I realized: they still have the age old values of courtesy, gentility, modesty and freedom. They don’t want ceaselessly, and live in a culture of diseased greed and avarice. So, generally, the people are more contented.

A further note on France: It isn’t just the workers who are treated well- as the shops close at reasonable hours and they aren’t overly busy- but the immigrants. They have free reign to worship as they please, dress and express their own cultural values as they wish. There is an absence of tension between races. The general population is indifferent about skin color and religious freedom. As a white catholic, I find this particularly appealing. It is safe to say racism doesn’t exist here.

Growing up in America, born in 1993, I never failed to get an ear full from my indoctrinators- or I mean educators- about slavery. THE WHITE MAN IS EVIL was played over and over and over again in my head like a broken record. It wasn’t subliminal but direct messaging. So it comes as culture shock to be in a place that nobody cares that I’m white. Ha! Look it here: slavery happened 150 years ago. It is over and done with and America has to just get over it already. Any more bickering about it is wasting time and energy and only dividing the nation that much further.

I see many black men here who come from Africa. They are very nice and suddenly I realized that I’ve always been addressed with hostility in America because of this cultural phenomenon of racism. This race narrative in America has to end or we will plunge into the dark ages.

One more thing: True love is a basic right. Following your heart is the whole purpose of living, for if you don’t follow your heart what are you doing anyway? Toil, distraction, excess of wealth or pleasure are all a significant loss and a wavering from the road. Simplicity is where one finds true love. There is love in Paris. People aren’t unplugged from life. Yet, I don’t speak two words of french and I find myself having conversations everywhere. They are conversations of the heart, which require no words.

In other places I could speak ten thousand words in english and the meaning would be less than a mere glance here. The conversation of the heart doesn’t need words, just understanding through the eyes and body. The limitless plain of resonance does not get impeded by the wall of language or the walls of distraction. Maybe I’m truly home now. I have found my people. And the wandering knight can be at peace now. Love, and the kindness, transcends all barriers. Even though I’m not at my earthly home, I’m at home. This is a family of love that binds me.

Only a look is needed to understand the heart of the person. We think we do bad deeds in secret but they show plainly on our face. The quality of virtue and character are more distinguishable among the French by the way of culture. Here, to be kind and full of love and free-truly the call of liberty and purpose of life- is something that is encouraged. Because freedom is regularly endorsed and workers are treated well, people get along famously. America has constant unrest because the culture denies freedom: being enslaved to commodity. We neglect virtue in favor of an “image of success” that is really only the way to “avarice, excess and unhappiness”. And yet America actively promotes greed, and we wonder why everyone is bickering? America says: Be a slave, workaholic and lusty man. Get chained to commodity and become a slave to it. And we say that this is liberty. And they call America free. It is a hoax, I say. Nothing is free about that. Freedom is in words from the heart and love from the people and nothing more. This freedom that America speaks of is a indoctrinating principle to continue the slavery and atrocity of industry, which kills people through corporate structures. They want recruits to join the ranks. Forget it. IT is a lie.

Those in power who promote this narrative are not deserving of their pins. Is deceit a way to lead people?

So what is the secret? Well being, personal liberty, and acceptance of diverse cultures. In a place of great diversity: African, Muslim and Christian people all get along together. No one is persecuted or judged because of their skin color.

America has a long road ahead to become this cultivated, and it is likely they will not make it. America is a place of many words but little meaning. Rights are free until they conflict with the powerful narrative. Servitude to the God of money puts all in chains and infects the society with unrest-fulness. This chase, a wild hunt with little reward, debases all virtue and cultivation. “The dungheap will always smell, wasps will always sting and hornets buzz, and a brute will always slander and vex others.” We choose gain over growth, and suddenly it has become apparent we are governed by a bunch of children while the rest of the world has to take care of us! Even more so, like the spoiled and rotten, we glorify ourselves with pride and air of greatness, when we are the defilers of the world. Globalization glorifies our American values and may harm the rest of the world as this ineffective narrative continues its way across the globe, converting simple people of virtue.  And while this sweet song puts us to sleep, our enemies overrun us on all sides. Western culture will be destroyed if we don’t wake up to the reality: our industry and gain has corrupted us completely.

“To my mind a courteous man, though dead, is more worthy than a living knave.”

Thought for the Day…

‘Where there remains no more to be given, there is the limit; for it is not liberality to procure by base means what you can give away.’ To me this seems wittily said; for if you get the means of giving foully you become miserly in order to be generous. (453)

The Gilded Age, markedly illustrated by Leo Decrapio raising a glass of bubbly by his Hollywood pool, was a time of wondrous excess. A few rich guys ran the whole show. The conditions for immigrants and poor were appalling. People lived in shacks, worked fifteen hour days and barely had enough food. In this time alcoholism was born, or I should say reborn. Why not get drunk to oblivion when life is darker than a dungeon cellar? Votes were purchased and buying a house was an interest scam to take away what little money you had. And yet, Carnegie started a university. Thanks Carnegie. Is your middle name melon? Or maybe you were just a melon-head. I’m coming from a place of love. But really, a small bandaid does very little on a gaping wound. We needed morphine packets, for guts were spilling on the field. It is insulting for a nurse greet a gun shot victim with vitamin c gummy bears, isn’t it?

Today, we have immigrants who are kind of like slaves. They do jobs other people won’t do, and endure the conditions others won’t do because they believe in civil rights. Do they believe in civil rights or THEIR OWN civil rights? People in America who lack basic civil rights aren’t in America, right? That is a different county your talking about…Or am I?

But encourage yourself! Wealthy people are many and treasure is what the mind desires most. The real question is what treasure you seek. Is it time? A listening ear? A loving companion? A hard worker? There are many ways to be generous! And one is just as valuable as the next. Value is so much more expansive than coin. Just like a field doesn’t have just one flower, a community is not without its diverse gifts. But only flat-headedness cries for blood money.

I can only give what I have. I can’t give what I don’t have. What we all have is time. Time to receive the gifts which I give readily. I have the choice to whom I give those gifts, based on how I received them. So to determine how you give, figure out what you want to give and then give it readily in proportion to that which you recieve. And when you receive gifts, figure out where they come from. Bloody coin has built many temples. Our shirts are often made in China, Bangladesh or God knows where else. These workers, outside the realm of what we modern 1st worlders call “civil rights”, endure appalling work conditions. It is a blinders that we put on ourselves to not see this. Like Seabiscuit, we run as fast as we can towards the finish without taking the time to look up and realize the end is only our death. So one might as well enjoy the race. Also, a note about bloody coin: What does it say about the buyer? The seller? Is it just to receive that which is ill-gotten? Sensitivity to the historical notes and originations of what we buy, which makes us who we are, may change the way we choose to live.

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.”
-Albert Camus