Heroes of Logres

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Heroes of Logres is a revisiting of the original Adventure’s in Logres with more action packed adventure and questing from King Arthur’s noble knights. This time, The Haughty Knight of the Heath goes to Mount Sorrow, Morhalt rampages through the forest and Lionel saves a few grateful maidens from being held captive. Arthurian adventure has never been more full of magic, madness and combat.

Extensively catalogued in this text is the juxtaposition of joy and sorrow often the main edifice of Arthurian literature. In a world of unexpected outcomes, knights often are accustomed to shock. Thus, it is frequent that joy is expressed abundantly upon good tidings whereas sorrow is as fervently demonstrated upon hearing of bad tidings. Sometimes, both joy and sorrow is exemplified in a single encounter. For example, one could be joyful at seeing a relative for the first time in years but sorrowful because his arrival means he must confront an enemy or do battle with a villain. Therefore, the complexities of relationships within the Arthurian world are often much deeper than meets the eye. Therefore, the expressions of joy and sorrow often come in complex forms that accompany the dynamics of power, blood feuds, relations and knighthood.