Books by Ian Cleary

The Color of Madness is a semi-fantasy fiction work about love, sorcery and the meaning of spiritual truth. It was written while Ian was living in Paris, France.

The Book of Prophecy is a fiction work that is working with Christian, Celtic and medieval myths to redefine modern meaning.

Sweet Waters: Reflections, stories, and essays is a book that is largely theological, working with Christian concepts of contemplation and social change. The short stories are grounded in Christian narrative and seek to help the reader grow spiritually. The final section of this work contains some, not all, of his essays. To see more political essays, you can view the Articles section of this website.

The Knight of the Lily and Other Tales is Ian’s first fiction novel, and his personal favorite. It is a strain of fun stories about Knights and their adventures in a fictional kingdom commonly known as Logres. It is set in the Arthurian world and emulates those long lost values of chivalry so painfully needed in our modern world.

The Fall of Nordica: A Tragedy is a 700 line poem that touches on the modern day globalization crises and the threat to localized cultures it presents. It is a narrative that scratches the surface of the modern-day migration problem and poses the question of what it means to lose one’s heritage.

Charroi De Nimes: A Modern Translation and Retelling in Prose. Le Charroi De Nîmes was written at about the time 1150. It is of the Chanson De Geste genre and Cycle de Guillaume (Or the Cycle of William of Orange). The Chansons were written in allusion to the legendary past of Charlemagne and his retinues, such as Guillaume, Ogier the Dane, Girart, Aymeri (William’s father) and many others. Mostly, Chansons recount in a song format the deeds of these legendary characters against Saracen fighters and emirs. Le Charroi De Nîmes incorporates an element of the Troy Romance, in that they use a deceptive device to gain entrance to the city. This modern prose translation is a retelling of the tale in the English language.